A Cop Jumps Onto a Runaway Amish Horse and Buggy and Stops It

A horse that was attached to a buggy took off running near Wooster, Ohio
Sunday morning, about 30 miles southwest of Akron.

It belonged to an Amish family, and no one was driving it. The horse was
just sprinting down a road at about 25 miles an hour in the WRONG LANE, and
no one could stop it.

But luckily some cops got ahead of it. And a sergeant named Otis Smith saw
it coming straight for him.

So he ran up alongside it when it went by and JUMPED into the buggy. Then
he pulled on the reins and got the horse to stop on the side of the road
before anyone got hurt.

The horse ran about 10 miles before they stopped it. And it was so tired,
it collapsed on the side of the road. It’s okay though, and they got it
back to its owners.

Another cop’s body cam got the whole thing on video, and the other cops who
were there started laughing when he did it. It kind of seems like they
were shocked he was even trying to jump on board.

Otis says he only had a second to react, and he’s just glad no one got