A Dog That Lost Its Puppies Adopted Six More

Someone dropped off a pregnant dog named Blossom at an
animal shelter in Houston last month. She looks like some
sort of terrier mix, and gave birth to three puppies earlier
this month.

Unfortunately, two of the puppies didn’t make it. They died
a few days after they were born, possibly from an infection.
And the woman who was fostering them says Blossom was a
WRECK afterward.

She stopped eating, and kept wandering around the house
looking for them. So it was pretty sad. And it gets even
sadder here for a second, but there’s a happy ending.

A few days after she lost the two puppies, six ABANDONED
puppies showed up at the shelter after some evil jerk threw
them out of a CAR.

They were so small they hadn’t even opened their eyes yet,
and they needed milk. So the shelter decided to put them
with Blossom to see if SHE’D take care of them, and it

She started licking and cleaning them up as soon as she saw
them. And for the past two weeks she’s been taking care of
them like they’re her own puppies.

The shelter posted a bunch of photos of them nursing.
They’ll all go up for adoption in about two months. Then
Blossom will also go up for adoption shortly after that.