A Guy With Terminal Cancer Scaled Mount Everest

There’s a 47-year-old guy from England named Ian Toothill who was diagnosed
with bowel cancer about two years ago.

Last year he thought he’d beat it, and the cancer was gone. But it recently
came back, and his doctors told him he might only have a few months left.

So with that in mind, he decided do something EPIC with the last few months
of his life . . . by climbing MOUNT EVEREST.

He made it to a camp near the top on May 16th, and just made it to the
SUMMIT on Monday. Apparently he’s the first cancer patient to ever do it.

He posted a tweet with a photo that said, “Nothing to see here. Just some
cancer dude [on] the summit of Everest.”

Back in February, he said he was doing it to prove anything’s possible. And
he’s also raised about $45,000 online for cancer research.

He’s trying to raise a total of about $325,000. If you want to donate, just
search for “Climbing Everest for Cancer” on GoFundMe.com.