A Paralyzed Student’s Mom Got an Honorary Degree After Going to Every Single Class with Him

A 29-year-old guy named Marty O’Connor fell down some stairs about five
years ago, and ended up paralyzed from the neck down. But he didn’t let it
stop him, and neither did his mom . . .

He enrolled at Chapman University in California two years ago to get his
master’s degree in business. But he couldn’t take notes and needed help
with his exams.

His mom Judy was a teacher in Florida, but retired early and moved across
the country to help him. Then for two years, she sat through EVERY SINGLE
CLASS with him.

He got his MBA this past Saturday. But here’s the best part . . . the
school decided to give JUDY an honorary MBA too.

Marty suggested it, and the board of trustees decided Judy deserved it. But
she didn’t know until she pushed him on stage in his wheelchair on Saturday.
Right after he got his diploma, they announced she was getting one too.

She told a reporter that as a mom, she just wanted to help her son. But
being back in school was great because she’s a huge “geek.” So she loved
every minute of it.