Expensive Things To Buy This Month Because They’re Cheaper

Now that you’ve finished your holiday shopping, it’s time to buy the stuff you really want and need. And January is an ideal time to buy because a lot of big-ticket items get marked down to boost post-holiday sales. Here’s what you’ll want to put in your shopping cart this month.

Fitness equipment – All things related to weight loss will be on sale in January because we’re all feeling guilty about the holiday pounds we’ve packed on. So if you’re looking to buy a treadmill, workout DVDs or get a gym membership, this is the month to get a good deal.

Rugs and carpeting – After the holidays, when everyone has done their entertaining, it’s a good time to save on home improvement goods.

Bicycles – Because of all the cold weather and snow, no one’s thinking about buying a bike now, but with the new models hitting the shelves in February, this is the best time to find a deal.

Couches – New furniture also hits stores in February, so if you’re shopping for a sofa, you could save 40 to 60% as retailers clear space.

Jewelry – We’re still recovering from Christmas, but retailers are all about Valentine’s Day now, so they’re offering discounts on all kinds of bling, from engagement rings to bracelet charms.

Duvet covers – Bed and bath linens are marked down for White Sales in January and you can save as much as half off.

Calendars – Now that it’s 2017, you can get calendars and planners for a big discount – sometimes as much as 75% off even though we’re only days into the new year.

Winter coats – Everyone’s thinking about spring already, at least in stores. So those bulky coats and winter gear get marked down to make room for bikinis.

Christmas decor – Stock up on lights for next year or replace that Frosty lawn inflatable while all the holiday stuff is on sale and you’ll be ahead of the game next year.

Source: PureWow