How Men Can Actually Impress Women (According To Real Women)

At times, men can be terrible at knowing how to impress a woman. So to offer a few pointers, a recent Ask Reddit thread asked real women to share the scoop on what a man can do to blow them away or show they’re appreciated. Here are some of their answers.

Just by remembering the things she’s told him – “It’s amazing to have someone remember things you’ve told them and bring them up or act upon them,” says Redditor hithermost. “It shows that you’ve not only listened, but cared enough to think about something that I might like and made a note to tell me.”

Hugs for no reason – For Reddit user Gypsytrinkets, it’s the attention her husband gives her all day long – the kisses on the hand and “pit-stop hugs” for no reason – that make her feel warm and fuzzy.

Warming up the bed for her – Redditor julian80020 really hates getting into a cold bed, so when it’s freezing out, her hubby gets in and warms up her side before she crawls in.

Cooking – A man who can make a real meal – made with “the right spices and seasonings so that the mains and sides all complement each other” – that’s what impresses user Jackiemack04.

Lifting weights – Redditor thearcheress says that when she found out how much weight her husband was lifting, she was impressed. And she admits that “I didn’t even know till then that was something that could impress me.”

Wanting to wait to have sex – Reddit user emilyparkerIN was impressed by the guy she was seeing when he told her he wanted to wait to have sex because he genuinely likes her and didn’t want to “devalue” the sex. “It felt a little Nicholas Sparks-y,” she says. “Felt respected in a way I never had before.”

Knowing what she likes – For melonlollicholypop, it’s all about him paying attention to the little details. “Knows how to order a coffee for me,” she says. “Buys me a gift that I didn’t know I wanted yet because he’s seen me admiring it, or because he knows my tastes so well. Basically shows me that he notices me and cares about my preferences.”

Source: Cosmopolitan