Idiot Steals Trophy At World Darts Championship

Sports can be the great wasteland of out-of-their-mind fans. Some are just crazed for the sport, some are just attention seekers, and feel the need to run butt-ass naked through their favorite team’s game. Others are just drunk idiots who want to get on TV and show-off for their friends.

It seems that no sport is immune to this. Even the World Championship Final for darts. First off, let’s take a moment to be amazed that this is actually a televised event. Sure, it takes more skill than Rock, Paper, Scissors – and that was televised, too. Michael van Gerwen was just about take the trophy when a fan just ran up and grabbed it.

As the crowded seemed to cheer this lunacy, security ran up and saved the trophy from what can only be assumed as a horrible fate. Michael then gained his composure, finished the tournament, and took the trophy that was rightfully his. Hopefully, the wannabe trophy-thief got a well-deserved dart in the rear.

Source: The Comeback