Restaurant Accepts Exercise As Payment For Lunch

We all know it isn’t always easy to get motivated to work out every day, but what if you could get something for free if you did? Well, a new pop up restaurant in London is testing that theory, accepting exercise as a form of payment for a person’s meal.

Folks who want to eat at Run for Your Bun, located in Covent Garden and opened by the David Lloyd Clubs gym chain, will be required to do a six-minute, high intensity workout in order to pay for their lunch. The workout consists of one-minute intervals of rowing, sit ups, spinning, squats, lunges, and jogging on the treadmill, with the customer allowed to take only a 30-second break between each rotation.

Now while some may think this is worth it for a free meal, you may change your mind when you hear what that meal is. Considering this is a restaurant focused on health, you’re not going to get any mac and cheese or French fries. Instead, the menu is filled with healthy items, like cous cous, or a pita sandwich with smoked salmon.

“Our lifestyles are becoming increasingly sedentary,” Elaine Denton, health and fitness expert for David Lloyd Clubs, explains. “We want people to recognize that a nutritious, balanced diet and a healthy amount of exercise go hand-in-hand when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.”

Source: The Mirror