The Most Ridiculous Reasons Given For Returning Something

Now that the holidays are over, a lot of us will be heading to the store to return gifts that didn’t fit or that we just didn’t want, but while those are perfectly reasonable reasons to return an item, some people get a little ridiculous when it comes to trying to get their money back for something they’ve purchased.

Well, in a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app, folks are spilling the beans on some of the craziest excuses they’ve ever heard from customers wanting to return something to a store, and some of them are pretty insane.

Return excuses include: 

  • “’My son just had heart surgery and he’s not supposed to eat beans.’ She then proceeded to exchange the beans for alcohol.”
  • “They returned a crockpot because it cooked too slow.”
  • “They brought in a used pregnancy test (so gross) saying it was wrong, lol. I told them they should see a doctor.”
  • “She wanted to purchase it again. This time with a $5 off coupon. It cost $2,250.”
  • “I worked in a Halloween store and a girl tried to return a costume on November 1st because there was puke on it. The puke was hers.”
  • “One lady asked if she could return a used tooth brush because the one she got hurt her gums.”
  • “They didn’t like the smell of the laundry detergent so they returned the empty bottle. My boss actually gave them a refund.”
  • “Her boobs grew overnight so she had to return all the bras she bought the day before.”
  • “Condoms because he didn’t get to use them. I told him that was his fault. I got fired.”
  • “A lady brought back a pair of year-old shoes with the box and receipt and said water was leaking in when she stood in puddles. They were mesh runners.”
  • “The guy said the lotion burned his face but he used the whole bottle and wanted his money back.”

Source: Whisper