Tips For Surviving A Dry January

While a lot of us likely drank a bit too much this weekend to celebrate the New Year, many people are now attempting to follow that up with a dry January, where they give up all alcohol for the entire month.

Needless to say for some people giving up their glass of wine or pint of beer for an entire month won’t be easy, especially if friends around you aren’t following your lead, but there are some steps you can take to make next four weeks go a little smoother.

Tips for surviving a dry January include:

  • Expect Peer Pressure – Lots of people don’t like to drink alone, so don’t be surprised if your friends are less than supportive of your dry month. Chances are they are likely dealing with their own issues and probably not intentionally trying to sabotage you.
  • Plan Your Response – Plan ahead what you’ll say to people when they ask you why you’re not drinking. Sure you can be honest, but sometimes a good cover story, like say, “I’m driving,” may be easier.
  • Remind Yourself of Reasons – If your resolution is strong you can get through it, so keep reminding yourself why you decided to give up the booze for January.
  • Get Support From Like-Minded Friends – If you have friends that may be more supportive of your mission let them know what you’re doing and how they can be helpful should you be getting pressure from others to drink.
  • Stay Out Of Rounds – When you’re out with friends, chances are people will be buying rounds which could result in someone getting you an alcoholic beverage. Either try and opt out of the rounds, or simply speak up and ask for something non-alcoholic.
  • Leave An Uncomfortable Situation – If friends continue to pressure you into having a drink, it’s okay to leave, especially if you’re uncomfortable. You may even want to re-assess why you’re friends with someone who won’t show you the support you need.

Source: The Daily Mail